Uri in the sky- winner of 9 international prizes

The self-reflections of the oldest combat pilot in Israel, in the entire world; a 60 year old pilot with capabilities of a 20 year old, an example that nature is not omnipotent. What does it mean and what is the price of being a combat pilot? A moving, fascinating film about a pilot who for the first time in his life drops a tear. A pilot who for 41 years was responsible for the security of the State, who operates an F-16 aircraft (one of the most sophisticated computers in the world) with concentration, speed and precision, with no time to think. Uri is one of the air-force’s snipers, a combatant, a humanist and an amazing painter who candidly opens his heart and reflects on the price he paid, the price we all paid. The film provides a rare insight into the mind of an F-16 pilot.

The story about Uri Gil is the story of Israel’s Air-force. Uri was among the pilots whose performances during the Six Day War positioned the Israeli Air force as one of the best, until recently, when as a veteran pilot he witnessed it’s becoming one of the most vilified ones, when Uri’s mates signed a letter of insubordination (“the pilots’ letter) to the effect that they are not prepared to bomb innocent civilians in order to hit a terrorist.

The motif accompanying the film is the painting of the squadron, a huge painting Uri starts to work on at the beginning of the film and follows him up to the exhibition at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art in 2013.


From the press


Outstanding Achievement Award, Calcutta international cult film festival, India, 2018.
Silver Award Winner, Spotlight Film Awards, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 2018.
Best Documemtrary- 2nd Award, MWIFF International Film Festival, Mumbai, India,2018.
Best Documentary Feature, Outer Docs Film Festival, Ithaca, New York, 2017.
Platinum Award, Nevada International Film Festival, Les Vegas, USA, 2017.
Bronze Palm Winner Award, Mexico International Film Festival, 2016.
Golden Award Winner for Directing, The World Documentary Awards, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2016.
Golden Award for Feature Documentary, The World Documentary Awards, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2016.


Script and directing: Amir Har-Gil

Production: Udi Kalinsky, Provid Co. Ltd

Editor: Yael Perlov

Photography: Ran Aviad, Ofer Yanoov, Amir Har-Gil

Post-production Manager: Michal Eliav

Length: 60 mins. Israel, 2015


“… the story of Uri Gil, air-force pilot for 41 years, mostly flying F-16. Uri the 60 year old Major General whose numerous shot downs of airplanes are studied in aviation schools all over the world, flies at an age at which no other pilot in the world flies. Uri is also a painter and philosopher, an unusually charming person. I stumbled onto the film and was fascinated by the screen, unable to leave; the screen radiated beautiful Israelis and the thoughts that trouble our fighters’ souls. In the film he is on his last flight, accompanied by four young pilots, his pupils. He tells them that he entrusts them with the sky, they should keep it safe; when he lands he bursts out crying and ashamed covers his face until he calms down; a hero of heroes, sensitive like a child. It’s long since I saw such beauty, long since I was so excited about something screened on our television, long since I was so proud about someone who spoke my language… “Uri in the Sky”, the soul-searching of a combat pilot with the Guinness record of being the oldest combat pilot in the world is a real glory.” (Yehoram Gaon, an artist and public figure, on his Friday radio program on Reshet (network) B)