Screening “Uri in the Sky” and meeting Amir Har-Gil.

The film won 6 international Awards.

Suitable for youth about to be enlisted.

The film is moving and thought provoking. It is the self-examination of an F16 pilot, the oldest active combat pilot in the world. He is an amazing painter as well. The film raises issues concerning ethics, the role of the fighter and the tension between the artist and the survivor that exists in everyone.

English translation is possible.

Length: 60 mins.




“Uri in the Sky” won 6 international awards. It was nominated as the best film at the Outer Doc Festival, Ithaca, New York-

Uri Gil, pilot and painter, about to leave the sky, looks back with characteristic courage at his duality which represents the duality of Israeli society attempting to be human while engaged in a cruel battle of survival. Uri, born in a kibbutz, became the oldest combat fighter in the world (Guinness World Record) and a talented painter. He examines the tension between being an F16 pilot, a courageous and determined fighter and being a sensitive artist as well.

  • Outstanding Achievement Award, Calcutta international cult film festival, India, 2018.
  •  Best Documentary Feature, Outer Docs Film Festival, Ithaca, New York, 2017.
  • Platinum Award, Nevada International Film Festival, Les Vegas, USA, 2017.
  • Bronze Palm Winner Award, Mexico International Film Festival, 2016.
  • Golden Award Winner for Directing, The World Documentary Awards, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2016.
  • Golden Award for Feature Documentary, The World Documentary Awards, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2016.

Script and directing: Prof. Amir Har-Gil

Production: Udi Kalinsky, Provid Co. Ltd

Editor: Yael Perlov

Photography: Ran Aviad, Ofer Yanoov,  Amir Har-Gil

Post-production Manager: Michal Eliav

Length: 60 mins. Israel, 2007