Screening the films “Mom, Dad, Kids and Scooter” and “Receipt for Happiness” and meeting Amir Har-Gil.

The film “Mom, Dad, Kids and Scooter” deals with the daily relations between parents and children from the view point of each member of the family – Rashomon within the family.

The film “Recipe for Happiness” examines relationships from the point of view of an innocent young woman who wonders about the recipe for a happy relationship.

Topics for discussion: Family, parenthood, parent-child relationships, freedom or no freedom in education.

Length: “Mom, Dad, Kids and Scooter” 30 mins; “Recipe for Happiness” 13 mins.

Mom, Dad, Kids and Scooter

Is a small story about dad, mom, two daughters and a son, the story of relationships between parents and children. Where is the red line? What is permitted, what is forbidden, what are the unwritten rules in the family? What is the division of roles between family members? The story is about a family from the different viewpoints of the children, the parents, the grandmother and the aunt.

Hans and Ilana were among the founders of concept of “Sheinkin street” (a small bohemian street packed with cafes, restaurants and boutiques) where they had a shop “Plastic Plus”; they left the shop and moved to Pardes Hanna, where they manufacture and sell their products and raise their children in a calm atmosphere with plenty of freedom; the word “no” almost does not exist.

The film delves into the daily routing in an attempt to reach the undercurrents of what is “normal”.

The film is accompanied by original music played by Hans, Ilana and friends.


Receipt for Happiness   

On the eve of his wedding, the director went to his mother, father, grandfather and grandmother and asked if it is worth it.

A cute short film, wondering about relationships. From the point of view of an innocent young girl the film attempts to find the recipe for happy relationship. “When I told my family that I have decided to get married, everybody was happy, delighted; I asked myself how come? Relationships in my family were not successful; my father divorced twice, my mother once; my mother in law is married for the second time – in short according to their experience they should have told me to be careful, not to hasten, but no, everybody is happy. I decided to pick up my camera and find out from their rich experience the secret for happy relationships and whether it is possible to learn from others’ experience.


Mom, Dad, Kids and Scooter

Script and Directing: Prof. Amir Har-Gil

Production: Lizka Asa- Asa Productions

Filming: Ofer Yanoov, Eliahu Uzi

Editing: Michal Ranon

Original music: Hans Falada

Length: 30 mins. Israel, 2002


Receipt for Happiness

Script and Directing: Amir Har-Gil

Production: Amir Har-Gil

Filming: Ofer Yanoov

Editing: Ora Maimon

Original Music: Ariel Zilber

Length: 13 mins. Israel, 1988


Amir Har-Gil, member of Kibbutz Yakum, is a filmmaker who likes to watch us, Israelis, and luckily he picks the good ones, or at least looks at them with a benevolent eye. That was the case in his film “Good Morning Israel, in his “Life according to Eve” and in his new film “Mom, Dad, Kids and Scooter” which will be screened on Shabbat in the “Documentary Box” program of Rashut2 (TV) framework. To Amir Har-Gil’s credit, he managed to describe them as they are. Enviable. (Irit Shamgar, Maariv Hayom)