The film is an example of the use of cinema language at its’ best.

The Picasso of the cinema – how does a genius director, Milos Forman, manage to use the language with such virtuosity.

Explanation and demonstration with segments from the film.


On his way to enlist during the Vietnam War, Claude (John Savage) meets a young innocent man from Oklahoma, a group of good hearted hippies, headed by Berger (Treat Williams) in Central Park, New York. Berger drags Claude to a few days of music, drugs and love but the war is calling and the end is so bitter. Milos Forman turned the successful musical into cinema and presents the counterculture of the flower children who wanted to make love, not war. With Beverly D’Angelo and Annie Golden.

Directing: Milos Forman

Script: Michal Weller

Production: Michael Butler, Lester Persky

Editing: Allan Heim, Stanley Warnow

Filming: Miroslav Ondricek

Music: Galt MacDermot

Length: 119 mins., USA, 1979