“Good Morning Israel” won the first prize at the Jerusalem Film Festival and was introduced into the curricula of the Ministry of Education, the Israel Defense Forces’, Bney Akiva, Hashomer Hatzair, the Israel Scouts, the Jewish Agency.

The film follows the daily lives of five boys from different sectors comprising Israeli society in the period of their adolescence; what are their similarities and their differences, what happens to them.

In the sequels “Good Morning Israel – 10 years later” and “Good Morning Israel – 20 years later” Har-Gil returned to check what has changed in the lives of the boys he filmed in adolescence and through them attempt to understand what has changed in Israeli society.

  • First prize for short Israeli film, Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel, 1986.
  • Cited as excellent, The Israel Film Institute, Israel, 1986.
  • Excellent director prize, for Short Films, United studios, Israel, 1986.
  • Delta Film prize for excellent graduate, Beit Zvi School of Performing Arts, Israel, 1986.

Good Morning Israel        

Script and directing: Prof. Amir Har-Gil

Production:  Amir Har-Gil, Nachshon Axelrod

Editing: Yael Perlov

Filming: Ofer Yanoov

Length: 13 mins. Israel, 1986

Good Morning Israel – 10 years later

Script and directing: Amir Har-Gil

Production: Amir Har-Gil, Nachshon Axelrod

Editing: Avital Benacot

Filming: Over Yanoov, Ofer Harari

Length: 42 mins. Israel, 1995


Good Morning Israel – 20 years later

Driector:  Amir Har-Gil

Production: Yahali Gat, Musa Productions

Editing: Micha Livneh

Filming: Ofer Yanoov

Length: 60 mins. Israel, 2007

“An original film, the most complete, the ripest of them all”. (Yehudit Orian)

“It has talent and it has saying, a film that even has Milos Forman buds – that’s Amir Har-Gil’s film”. (Shaul Shir Ran)

“A film that won the best love of audiences”. (Hagit Tuch)