Israeli-Palestinian co-production, documentary film that strives to describe the conflict from 6 different points of view of 6 protagonists: 3 Israelis and 3 Palestinians. It is a microcosm about the silent majority entangled in a historical situation of continuous crisis; they are the ones who pay the full price for the failure of the people to change their fate.

The Palestinians were filmed by a Palestinian team, the Israelis were filmed by an Israeli team. It is an Israeli Palestinian co-production that continued for several years, many of which were unquiet: the second Intifada, terrorist attacks, targeted killings, military operations, dialogue attempts, leadership changes on both sides.

The six protagonists are: Gidi, a combat soldier serving in the Hebron area; Natalie from Shderot in whose yard a Kassam missile exploded; Fatma whose orchard with dozens of old trees was cut down by an army bulldozer; Shmulik, a blood vessel surgeon who was heavily injured in a terrorist attack; Sammy, an orthopedic surgeon who spends hours every day on the road because of the many checkpoints; Muhammad, a youth who participated in a demonstration against the wall and was caught by an Israeli soldier disguised as an Arab.

A moving film that stimulates thought and was successful at screenings in Oxford, England and Toronto, Canada.

Script and directing:  Amir Har-Gil

Production: Provid Film Producers Ltd, Link Film Producers Ltd

Editing: Michal Ranon

Length: 50 mins. Israel, 2011

Israeli-Palestinian co-production, for the Europen Union