Dad, Mom, Kids And Scooter-

This is a small story about Father, Mother, two daughters and a son, a story about relationships between parents and children.

Where is the red line of freedom? What is allowed, what is forbidden, what are the unwritten rules in the family? What is the distribution of roles among the family’s members? This is the story of a family from the different points of view of the children, the parents, the grandmother and the aunt.

Hans and Ilana, of the founders of the Sheinkin street concept, owned a shop there called “Plastic Plus”. They decided to leave Sheinkin and move to the Moshava Pardes Hanna where they opened another “Plastic Plus” shop in which they manufacture and sell their products and raise their children, all in quietude, tranquility and a lot of freedom; the word “no” is almost non-existent…   

The film focuses on daily routine situations from the family’s life and examines them from the children’s, the parents’, the aunt’s and the grandmother’s point of view.

The film delves into their daily routine and strives to capture the undercurrents of whatever is “normal”.

The film is accompanied by original music played by Hans, Ilana and friends.

Script and directing: Amir Har-Gil

Production: Lizka Assa, Assa Productions

Photography: Ofer Yanoov, Eliahu Uzi

Editing: Michal Ranon

Original Music: Hans Falada

Length: 30 mins. Israel, 2002

 “Amir Har-Gil, Kibbutz Yakum member, is a filmmaker who likes to observe us, Israelis; luckily he picks the best ones, or at least observes them with a benevolent eye. That’s how he made “Good Morning Israel”, “Life According to Eve, and his new film “Dad, Mom, Kids and Scooter” which will be screened on Shabbat in the framework of the Second Authority’s “Documentary box”… To his credit, Amir Har-Gil managed to depict them as they are. It makes me jealous.” ( Irit Shamgar ,Maariv Today)