Lectures and film meetings with Dr. Amir Har-Gil

Dr. Amir Har-Gil, Director and Senior Lecturer, at the University of Haifa, Tel-Aviv University, Netanya Academic College. In the past Dr. Har-Gil was a primary school, junior high and high school teacher and a Youth Movement instructor.

Adolescents’ conflicts – screening and activating students.

Details: The students act as judges, jury, attorneys and counselors of different youths as they are presented in the various films. They watch the film together and then role-playing is conducted. The films deal with adolescents’ dilemmas such as violence, drugs and sex.


The cinematic language – screening and activating elementary and junior high school students.

Short films that were produced by the Ministry of Education in order to learn about Amir Har-Gil’s cinematic language. The meeting includes activating students on the stage. The films illustrate the filming, the soundtrack, visual effects, editing, etc.

Duration of Meeting: 1h15mins.


ONE SHOT Workshop – activation intended for cinema and communications’ students’ courses.

A practical workshop that focuses on a single shot and on the importance of every detail and every component of that shot.

Duration of Activity: about 2hs15mins.

Required equipment: (4 cameras) the schools’ responsibility.

Maximum number of students: 40.